Composting Education


According to the U.S. EPA, up to 70% of the municipal solid waste stream is made up of organic material. OCSWM can help businesses, institutions, and individuals "starve the landfill and feed the soil" by composting their organic wastes including yard waste and kitchen scraps.

Compost Demonstration Sites

There are two outdoor composting demonstration sites located in Orange County where you can learn more about outdoor composting and observe in it "in action":

  • Chapel Hill Community Center (behind the rose garden) on South Estes Drive.
  • Orange County Solid Waste Management Administrative Office, 1207 Eubanks Road in Chapel Hill.

Compost Bins

Compost Bins for Sale (PDF) Cost: $50 cash or check only
Counter top Compost Pails. Cost: $5 cash or check only
Orange County Solid Waste Administration
1207 Eubanks Road Chapel Hill, 27516
Monday to Friday 8 A.M. to 5 P.M..

Make rich crumbly compost at home with your yard waste, brown leaves, and kitchen fruit and vegetable scraps. To learn more about the "Earth Machine" outdoor composting unit that we sell, visit the Earth Machine website.

Commercial Composting Collection

Commercial Organic Waste 8.5x14 updated