Parks & Facilities

COVID 19:  Due to gathering restrictions please use the following guidelines when visiting our parks.  You can  use the navigation bar on the left hand side of this page to see more information on each park.   For additional information regarding Covid-19 please visit Orange County’s Covid-19 page

Visitors are strongly advised to take the following steps to reduce transmission while visiting a reserve:

  1. Postpone your visit if you are sick or experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19.
  2. Maintain at least six feet social distancing from other individuals, with the exception of family or household members.
  3. Wear a cloth face covering outdoors when you cannot maintain at least six feet distancing from other people with the exception of family or household members. These coverings function to protect other people more than the wearer.
  4. Carry hand sanitizer with you when leaving home and use it frequently.
  5. Avoid touching surfaces others may have touched, such as signs and boardwalk railings.
  6. Do not share any personal items, including phones, cameras, water bottles, and recreational equipment.

These parks and facilities are owned and/or operated by Orange County. They are open to the public for activities scheduled by the Department of Environment, Agriculture, Parks and Recreation. Most facilities are available for use by private groups and individuals upon payment of rental fees, facility deposit, and completion of application use forms. Please call 919-245-2660, or come by the Parks and Recreation administrative office during our regular business hours to schedule facility use. Facilities must be reserved seven days prior to event.

Orange County releases Interactive Trails and Greenways map

Graphic of map of county parksGetting outside and enjoying the many beautiful trails in Orange County has been made easier.Orange County, in collaboration with the Towns of Carrboro, Chapel Hill, and Hillsborough, North Carolina State Parks, North Carolina Botanical Garden, the University of North Carolina, Classic American Homes, Eno River Association, and Triangle Land Conservancy, has created an interactive trails and greenway map. The map can be found here.

The map will allow users to search for trails within Orange County based on several different criteria defined by the user. The map includes data for each trail including the length, difficulty rating and surface type.

This project is a companion to the interactive Parks Locator Map that can be used to locate all parks in Orange County and search for parks and recreation facilities by amenities.