Proposed Budget Amendments

Amendments to the Manager Recommended Budget

Each May, the County Manager presents a Recommended Budget for the next fiscal year to the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC). In considering the Recommended Budget, the BOCC conducts multiple public hearings and budget work sessions. During these sessions, Commissioners and staff may propose to amend the budget as it was presented by the Manager. 

Amendments to the Recommended Budget are subsequently voted on by the BOCC at the last work session prior to anticipated budget adoption. A final budget is approved by the BOCC each June.

Below is a list of proposed amendments to the Recommended Budget. This list is updated as amendments are proposed or as supplemental information becomes available. Amendments which pass are subsequently incorporated into the full budget proposal to be considered for passage by the BOCC.

Note: Please note these amendments pertain only to the next fiscal year's Manager Recommended Budget proposal. For amendments to the current fiscal year's Commissioner Approved Budget, please review adopted Budget Amendments in the Ordinances section of BOCC's document management portal.

FY 2021-22 Amendments to the Manager Recommended Annual Operating Budget

List of commissioner and staff proposed budget amendments. This is a working list and will be updated as new amendments are proposed.
Amendment Sponsor Department Description Amount General Fund Other funds Vote

FY 2021-22 Amendments to the Manager Recommended Capital Investment Plan

List of proposed amendments to the Capital Investment Plan (CIP) Budget.
Amendment Sponsor Budget Page Department Amendment Amount Vote