Orange County Solid Waste offers tips to dispose of campaign signs

ORANGE COUNTY (November 9) -- Many campaign signs remain up throughout the county after another busy election cycle. Orange County Solid Waste offers the following tips to dispose of these signs properly:

Metal “H-shaped” wickets must not go in blue recycling carts, or any single-stream recycling at any of our drop-off locations. The metal wire can tangle equipment terribly, potentially causing damage or injury.  Remove the metal wickets from the signs and recycle them separately with Scrap Metal at any of the Orange County Solid Waste and Recycling Centers, donate to the Scrap Exchange in Durham, or save them for next time.

Paper signs that can be torn can be recycled with single-stream recycling in Orange County; if the plastic coating is so thick that the paper will not tear, throw them away in the garbage. Because of the potentially high volume of these signs we recommend recycling them at a Waste and Recycling Centers or 24-hour Recycling Drop-off sites, where there are dumpsters to handle the larger loads, rather than your blue curbside recycling carts.  Please be advised the Center on Eubanks Rd. under construction and there is no single-stream recycling at the alternative temporary center located on Millhouse Rd.

Corrugated plastic signs can be donated to the Scrap Exchange in Durham for reuse.  If you know any beekeepers, they might also be able to reuse one or two of the corrugated plastic signs as bottom boards to block winter drafts, or to use as hive-beetle traps.

Flexible plastic film signs can be recycled with grocery bags in area grocery stores if they are clean and dry.

Neither type of plastic campaign signs should go in Orange County’s single stream recycling in blue carts or at drop-off sites.