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  • Wild Flora Farm/Barn of Chapel Hill
  • On Oct. 13, 2017, Orange County Planning issued a final determination on the status of the Wild Flora Farm. Below are links to relevant documents, including the determination letter to the property owners. All documents are saved as PDFs.
  • February 16, 2018 Public Records Request – Barn of Chapel Hill:  County staff received a public records request concerning an appeal application for the Barn of Chapel Hill located at 7316 Morrow Mill Road (PIN 9729-50-7168).  The appeal application involves the final determination of the Planning Director, as articulated in an October 13, 2017 letter, concerning the aforementioned parcel of property located at the intersection of Morrow Mill and Millikan Roads owned/operated by Southeast Property Group LLC (a.k.a. Wild Flora Farm) care of Ms. Kara Brewer.  The review of this item includes the Board reviewing/acting on a request from the applicant to issue subpoenas compelling the submittal of information deemed essential to the proceeding.    The following represents the County’s response to this request.  Please note it does not contain the staff prepared abstract for the Board of Adjustment, which has not been completed as of March 5, 2018.  This item will be posted on the Orange County website, under the Board of Adjustment tab on the Planning Department webpage, once completed.
  • Appeal of Subpoenas Issues by the Board of Adjustment – Late on July 5, 2018 County staff was notified, via e-mail, the Board of Adjustment’s decision to issue subpoenas for information concerning the Barn of Chapel Hill had been appealed to Superior Court.

1.        Southeast Property Group, LLC,
2.        Wild Flora Farms, LLC,
3.        The Barn of Chapel Hill, LLC,
4.        Kara Brewer a/k/a Kara M. Brewer, and
5.        Chris Brewer

requesting information submitted/caused to be submitted to the North Carolina Department of Revenue and/or to Orange County regarding alleged eligibility/compliance with the provisions of N.C.G.S. 153-340, 105-164.13E(a), 105-277.3.
A copy of the issued subpoenas can be access here: Subpoenas

  • As a reminder the appeal is related to an October 12, 2017 determination made by staff a structure located on the aforementioned property is classified as a bona fide farm purpose pursuant to the provisions of NCGS 153A-340 (b) (2a) and is not subject to the land use regulations as embodied within the Orange County Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).
  • The Board issued the requested subpoenas and asked for all requested documents be submitted at the July 9, 2018 regular meeting.  The Board of Adjustment is scheduled to continue the hearing at its August 13, 2018 regular meeting.

  • As indicated this decision (i.e. to issue the subpoenas) has been appealed to Orange County Superior Court.  Please note County staff has no involvement with the review of this request through the court system and cannot offer updates on when said appeal will be heard or acted upon.  Additional information shall be posted when it becomes available.

Holly Creek Lane – Operation of a Recreational Facility

  • County staff received a public records request concerning the on-going review of the purported operation of a Recreational Facility, specifically a cricket league.  The parcel, further identified utilizing Orange County Parcel Identification Number (PIN) 9758-52-5171, is an approximately 16 acre parcel of property located at the intersection of Old Greensboro Highway and Holly Creek lane within the Bingham Township of Orange County. 
  • The use of a parcel of property for personal recreational activities is not prohibited.  In those instances where a recreational land use is open to members of the general public for some form of compensation, a Class B Special Use Permit is required allowing for the activity to occur in accordance with the provisions of the Orange County Unified Development Ordinance (UDO). 
  • Staff determined in the fall of 2017 a Class B Special Use Permit (hereafter ‘SUP’) would be required to allow for cricket events to occur on the property as these events were part of a formal league operating within the area.  The property owner has been in contact with staff on the possible appeal of this determination as well as requesting information on the submittal and processing of a SUP application allowing for the cricket matches, connected to a league, to continue from the property.  The file (171 pages) represents all correspondence on this matter.  As of April 2, 2018 no appeal or SUP application have been submitted to the County for processing. 

Public Records Request


FIRM Map Adoption
Fact Sheet on New FIRM Map Adoption

NC-54 corridor
  • The NC-54 corridor between Old Fayetteville Road in Carrboro and I-85 in Graham is currently being studied. This is being conducted through a cooperative, comprehensive and continuing transportation planning process involving multiple agencies some of which include:
    • North Carolina Department of Transportation
    • Durham-Chapel Hill-Carrboro Metropolitan Planning Organization
    • Triangle Area Regional Planning Organization
    • Orange County
    • Alamance County
    • City of Graham
    • Town of Carrboro
  • Join in the planning for this important regional corridor at
  • Newsletter
Greene Tract Conceptual Plans
  • The Greene Tract is a 164 acre parcel of which 104 acres is jointly owned by Orange County, Chapel Hill, and Carrboro and 60 acres owned by Orange County (Headwaters Preserve).  Last year, local governments agreed to have the mayors and chair consider preservation and development options for the Greene Tract. In addition, staff  was requested to examine the  potential reconfiguration of the joint owned and county owned tracts. The purpose of this request was to determine the feasibility in adopting a revised resolution supporting the reconfiguration of these tracts.
  • The proposed reconfigured headwaters preserve area and modified headwaters preserve alternatives were presented to elected officials at the January 30 Assembly of Governments meeting and the February 20 Orange County Board of Commissioners meeting.

Note: When a project is no longer considered current because of being completed, adopted, suspended, etc., the documentation may be removed or moved to Documents.