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accredsealEnvironmental Health is a service within the Orange County Health Department and is responsible for protection of public health through the following programs:

Inspection Services

Septic Systems, Wells and Water Testing

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Orange County Environmental Health serves as a referral service to other agencies for related issues including:

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When the weather gets cool, we start to spend more time indoors.  We keep ourselves warm with many layers.  The holidays are celebrated with out of town guests, and lots of hugs and kisses.  Now is the time to control the spread of norovirus.  Norovirus is a quick moving virus that causes diarrhea and vomiting.  It is a short illness but so easily spread.  By the time a sick person starts to feel a bit feverish, the viruses are already spreading.  The best prevention of norovirus is vigilant hand washing.  Click here if you need more information on norovirus and it's control.  This is more information available in Spanish.
Prevent Norovirus (English)
Prevent Norovirus (Spanish)

Learn the "Happy Handwashing Song."

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