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Phone Call Q&A

  1. Q: Is the library open? OR How long will it be closed?

    A: The library is closed to the public until further notice. We will update our website as we get more information. Be sure to check our website at

  2. Q: Can I renew my items?

    A: YES, we can renew. However patrons may also wish to know: -All items that would have come due during the period are now due April 6 -If the situation changes, those due dates will be extended to cover the full time we are closed -You can check your account online to see what you have checked out, when it is due, and renew items.

  3. Q: I got an email that my hold is ready to pickup. How can I pick it up?

    A: At this time your hold will wait for you on the hold shelf until we can make it available to you. Watch our website for updates on any limited services we are able to offer or any changes in our situation.

  4. Q: What about Carrboro branches?

    A: Items can be returned to the bookdrops in Carrboro, but both branches are closed and items in their collections are currently unavailable to reserve or check out.

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