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  1. Board Book Grab Bag
  2. Check It Out
  3. Genre Terms
  4. Library Letters
  5. Library Ticket
  6. Phone Call Q&A

    Please mark down every question patrons ask over the phone.

  7. Season's Readings Reviews

    Use this form to enter your reviews for OCPL's 2020 Season's Readings publication. Contact Jody Smith if you have any questions.

  8. Subject Headings
  9. Summer Learning 2020 and More!

    If your child(ren) participated in Summer Learning, it's time to record their minutes. If they didn't participate you can still find... More…

  10. Your Next 5
  1. Chalk-A-Doodle
  2. DEI Terms
  3. Interlibrary Loan Request -- Is suspended due to Covid-19.

    Is there a book or movie you would like to borrow, but we don’t have in our collection? If we can find the item at another library... More…

  4. Library Submissions
  5. Main Library Field Trip Request

    We enjoy having groups visit the library. To get your group field trip on our calendar, fill out this form. We will be back in touch... More…

  6. Program Registration
  7. Sign Up for a Library Card Online

    Welcome! lease allow for 3 days for staff to create your new account. Your library card number will be emailed to you when your... More…

  8. Suggest a Purchase for the Library

    Is there a book or movie you would like the library to purchase? Use this form to make a suggestion, and our library's collection... More…

  9. Technology Census