Found Pets

Reporting a Found Pet

If you have found an animal in Orange County, it is a legal requirement in Orange County that you report it within 72 hours. Please fill out the appropriate form below so that a potential owner may find him or her. Please include photos if possible (horizontal photos preferred). Also, please have the pet scanned for a microchip. We can do this at our facility at no cost. Most veterinary clinics will also scan a found pet for a microchip.

If you need assistance reporting a found pet, please call 919-942-7387.

Pets Reported as Lost by Others

Found Pets Lost by Others but Reported Anonymously

Occasionally, people report a pet lost, but elect not to share it with local shelters for reasons of privacy. Before you move on to the last step of reporting a pet as found to us, we recommend you check all of the lost reports made on Pet Harbor’s website

This may include others from outside of our immediate area, as well as those not reported to shelters. Data on Pet Harbor’s page can be sorted by the tabs headings on their table.

Help animals find their owners