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The Orange County Animal Shelter has many wonderful pets for adoption and some that are available through one of our foster programs.

Schedule Your Visit To Our Facility 

We are no longer scheduling meetings with specific pets. Animals may be met with on a first-come, first-served basis. We are asking everyone to make an appointment to visit our facility and view pets on our adoption floor and potentially meet with those that are available. If you are interested in scheduling a time to visit, please call 919-942-7387, option 3, to speak with a staff member at our adoption desk. If the staff is unable to answer right away, please leave a clear message with your full name and contact number. Our staff responds to messages in the order they are received. Every effort will be made to respond to messages the same day, but it is possible that you may not receive a callback until the next business day due to the high volume of calls we often receive. If you have already left a clear message, please do not leave multiple messages as checking extra messages makes it more difficult for our staff to respond in a timely manner.  Appointments end an hour before closing on any business day. See our hours on this page.

MASKS ARE REQUIRED AT ANIMAL SERVICES. All visitors and employees accessing Orange County facilities will be required to wear a face covering indoors regardless of vaccination status. We also ask that everyone practice social distancing while conducting any business at our facility.


Some animals can be taken home the same day they are adopted, but those adoptions must occur before a certain time of day and are dependent upon several factors. If you are interested in taking a pet home on the same day you adopt, please consult with the adoption desk to find out if that pet is able to go home right away.

See more information on adoption and adoption fees on this page.

Check out our available pets at these links: 

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Introducing Pets

Check out this page for our recommendations on introducing a new pet to other pets in your home.

Working Barn Cats Need Homes