Community Climate Action Grant Program

Thank you for you interest in Orange County's Community Climate Action Grant Program.

The FY22-23 round of grant funding is coming soon.

Update: For the FY21-22 Budget, the Board of Orange County Commissioners have reserved half of the total funding for this grant program (~$268,000) to be awarded to projects submitted through this grant program by either of Orange County’s two public school districts. The remaining half (~$268,000) will be available to all other eligible applicants in this round.

In light of this change and to give applicants more time to complete their proposals, the grant submission deadline has been pushed back two weeks to Friday, July 30th at 5pm.  Application materials have been revised to update the total amount of funding available and the new grant submission deadline.

Orange County Community Climate Action Grant Application Materials:

Background and Instructions - FY21-22 - Revised

Orange County Community Climate Action Grant - Application FY21-22 - Fillable (MS Word)- Revised 

Orange County Community Climate Action Grant - Application FY21-22 (Read Only PDF)- Revised

Orange County Community Climate Action Grant FY 21-22 - Budget Worksheets - Fillable (MS Excel) 

We ask all those who are working on an FY22-23 application to email the Orange County Sustainability Programs Manager, Amy Eckberg at to be notified of any Q and A opportunities or application revisions.

Resources for Applicants:

Impact Estimation Tools - It can be challenging to estimate the potential positive or negative impacts of a project as the grant application requests. There are many tools out there to assist with these calculations including the following: 

EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator - This easy to use calculator will convert your energy reduction estimates into greenhouse gas emissions reductions. It may also be used to quantify savings from planting or preserving trees, recycling waste, and more!

Emissions Factors for common energy types - When you save a gallon of gas or a kilowatt-hour of electricity, how many pounds of greenhouse gas emissions are avoided? It can depend on where you live and where your energy comes from, but it is a relationship that is summed up in one number, the emissions factor. Please refer to the table below for the emissions factors that will be applied in the scoring of all applications. 

Energy Type (Utility)2021 Emissions factor*Unit
Electricity  (Primarily Duke Energy Carolinas)0.48lbs CO2e / kWh
Natural Gas  (Primarily Dominion Energy)0.053metric tonnes CO2e (mt) / million BTU (mmBTU)
Gasoline  (various)19.36lbs CO2e / gallon

* Emissions factor for gasoline comes from EPA's 2021 "Emission Factors for Greenhouse Gas Inventories." All other emissions factors are sourced from Orange County's 2017 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory.

Need Help?:

We want you to succeed! If you have any questions or you need technical assistance with your project design or application, please contact the Orange County Sustainability Programs Manager, Amy Eckberg at

Additional Background:

The application and the scoring of proposed projects are based on the eligibility and scoring guidelines that the Board of County Commissioners created and adopted in June:

Community Climate Action Grant - Eligibility and Project Scoring Guidelines for FY20-21 - Adopted June 2020