Courtney McLaughlin

Courtney Mclaughlin


James Baldwin once wrote that “anyone who has struggled with poverty knows how extremely expensive it is to be poor.” Navigating life from a place of poverty can be brutal and unforgiving. The heavy price of poverty on our families runs deeper than economics; it has social, emotional and psychological implications. It informs where we go, what we do, how we engage and how we disengage in the communities that we are a part of. Our greatest defense and strongest currency when the ends do not meet is our hope, our hard work, and our village.

It was my village that brought me through to my success. They saw me when I felt defeated and had lost all hope. They encouraged me to keep going when I just wanted to give up. They saw me through when I thought I was all alone. They gave me the space to transform my visions into reality. And our only currency was our hope, hard work, and each other. My testimony is what I bring to Family Success Alliance and my knowledge of social systems, policies and education are what I hope to provide to our families.

As a Family Navigator, I seek to become a part of that village for our families; to become a helping hand that guides each of our families to their successes. As a community member, I understand the complexities of trying to access resources and find solutions when it feels as though you are operating from a deficit. However, I know that our families are powerful achievers and hope through partnership and collaboration I can support them in stepping into their strengths and witness them transform their lives and the communities they care about.

Thank you in advance for allowing me to partner with your family. I look forward to meeting you and bridging your family to their successes. Until then, never stop hoping, continue to work hard and lean into your village. My journey is not yet complete and neither is yours. We’ve got this!!!

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”—James Baldwin

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