Durable Medical Equipment

Durable Medical Equipment (or DME) are devices that benefit day-to-day life and are intended for long-term, repeated use.  Commonly used examples include walkers, shower chairs, and hospital beds.

Contact Occupational Therapist Marie Dagger for more information: MDagger@orangecountync.gov or 919-245-4279.

  1. DME Loan Program
  2. DME Connections Program

Durable Medical Equipment Loan Program

OCDoA accepts donations of gently used and clean DME items.  These items are then provided upon request to older adults in Orange County.

Eligibility Criteria

Donations are accepted from anyone within the community.  Items can be dropped off at either senior center location. DME items can be loaned to Orange County residents aged 55+ or caregivers of residents aged 55+.

*Items accepted & loaned include:

  • Mobility Devices: Walkers, Canes, Rollators, Wheelchairs, Slide Boards
  • Bathroom Devices: Shower Chairs, Tub Benches, Toilet Risers, Bedside Commodes, Toilet Rails
  • Dressing Devices: Leg Lifters, Sock Aids, Stocking Donners, Button Hooks, Reachers, Long-Handled Shoe Horns
  • Other: Car Canes, Bedrails, Weighted Utensils

*Items not accepted include:

  • Diabetes Testing Equipment
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring Systems
  • Hospital Gowns or other fabrics
  • Braces, including wrist braces, knee braces, supportive bandages, and walking boots
  • Large DME (hospital beds, lifts, scooters, etc.): See DME Connections for alternative program.

*This list is subject to change.  Contact OCDoA for further information.

Disclaimer for Participation in Program

In participating in this program, you are agreeing to allow Orange County to provide your contact information to other individuals within the program.  You acknowledge there is no guarantee of equipment receipt or donation through this program.  You will not hold Orange County liable for damages incurred in the exchange or use of equipment provided and/or received through this program.